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I've worked with animals most of my life.   I 

first started in 7th grade by volunteering for 

the local VA hospital by bringing puppies 

from the local humane society to visit the 

patrons living there.

I had my first paying job working with animals in '98.  I worked for a 

zoo for 2 summers as an assistant zookeeper while in college, and 

also volunteered there for 4 yrs.  I've worked for 2 different vet 

clinics, 2 kennel/boarding facilities, and a facility that trained 

service dogs for the disabled.  

I ran Zoo Crew pet services in Ca for one and a half years before 

moving back to the Midwest.  I started working for a national pet 

store chain in their animal care department then transferred to a 

store here in IL.  I was not satisfied with the quality of work being 

done there, and missed working for myself so I decided to start up

with Zoo Crew again, and have been dog walking and pet sitting in 

IL since 2008.

Besides work experience, I have plenty of personal experience as 

well.  We had family pets growing up, including a cat and dog, but

my own pets were hamsters.  I adopted my first "real" pet in high 

school, a cockatiel, and had her until she passed away in 2006.  I 

grew up around horses as well, my family continues to raise them 

on my parents' acreage in Mn.  My grandparents farmed, so I grew 

up around a variety of farm animals as well.

I also volunteer with and support local rescue groups, specifically 

ones dealing with giant breed dogs.

I have owned a wide variety of 

breeds and species over the years.  

Currently havcats, Percival and 

Montechello.  In addition to them, I 

have 3 birds:  Pasta, cockatiel;  

Louigi, a peach fronted conure; and 

Hamlet, a blue crowned conure.

(630) 608-9350